Monday, 16 November 2015

Creating Kits {Counterfeit Kit Challenge: November Challenge #3)

We are 'December Planning' over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge for November Challenge #3 so today I'm going to share the inspiration for one of the kits I'll be using this December, along with some tips and techniques for creating a wintertime kit that doesn't include excessive amounts of themed scrapbooking supplies.

1. Start With What You Have: Although I don't have a massive selection of themed supplies I knew that I would have some in my stash so I went searching and instead of starting with cardstock - where I knew themed items would be in short supply - I went straight to my embellishments. I found some Elle's Studio die-cuts; Snowflake Charms and ... well, that was it! So, it was time to ...

2. Get Creative: The Elle's Studio die-cuts were all in shades of turquoise, pink, brown, cream and white - so this, along with the silver of my snowflake charm, became the colour scheme for my kit. I then added more embellishments with more die-cuts, charms, labels, buttons and resin flowers. I also went hunting through my cupboards and found some amazing decorations that will work as embellishments - adding in a small 'sleigh bell', icicle and super sparkly snowflake.

3. Decide On Your Project: I knew that I wanted to make a mini-album that I could use for December's Listers Gotta List Challenge. Choosing to work in a smaller size meant that, rather than raiding my stash for full size sheets of cardstock, I raided the scrap basket instead.  To start with, I chose scraps that matched my colour scheme and then whittled them down to include only those that were at least 4in x 4in.

For a unified kit, I cut down each of the scraps to 4in x 4in (keeping all of the offcuts that this created) and then rounded the corners of each sheet of cardstock.

4. Create Your Own Embellishments: I'll be using some of the off-cuts, along with my favourite stamp sets, to create some co-ordinating embellishments for my kit. Think little banners, cute cupcakes and holiday sentiments. Perfect.

5. Seek Other Sources of Inspiration: I'm hoping that I've inspired you to create your own kit but if you need extra inspiration head on over to the Counterfeit Kit Challenge where the team will be sharing their own tips and techniques for creating a kit from scratch!

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Tassels Tutorial {Counterfeit Kit Challenge: Forgeries On The Fourth}

For this month's Forgeries on the Fourth for the Counterfeit Kit Challenge each of the Master Forgers chose one item from a current collection as an 'Add On' embellishment and we combined these items made up an 'Add On' Inspiration Kit.

I chose these lovely, colourful tassels from the Maggie Holmes 'Shine' Collection, for Crate Paper. To recreate them, I raided my stash of embroidery threads and found a few co-ordinating beads. Once I'd tried making a couple, I found a method that seems to work well - and I wanted to share it!

You'll need:

Embroidery threads - each tassel uses one, full skein.
Co-ordinating beads in a range of sizes/colours.
Standard 3in x 4in Pocket Card. 
Embroidery needle - make sure it fits through the beads.

Craft wire - a thin, flexible one works best.

1. Unravel the full embroidery skein, removing any knots, then reserve approximately four inches of embroidery thread. Wrap the remaining thread around the width of the card.

2. Whilst the thread is still on the card, thread the 'reserve' through the wrapped thread and tie one or two overhand knots across the thread on the card. Remove the thread from the card.

3. Cut approximately ten inches of craft wire. Starting around half an inch from the knot, start to wrap the wire around the threads - make the wire tight, as this will cause the thread at the top of the tassel to form a nice 'bud'. NB: You can use some of the embroidery thread to do this step instead. Just reserve a little extra at the beginning!

4. Thread the ends of the 'reserve' thread onto the embroidery needle and use it to thread on some bright, cheerful beads. Tie the two ends of the 'reserve' together to form a loop for hanging.

5. Smooth the loop of threads and using some nice, sharp scissors, cut the loops to create the ends of the tassel.

6. Sit back and admire your handiwork for a moment or two, then head on over to the Counterfeit Kit Challenge to see the rest of the Forgeries on the Fourth - and see the tutorials used, or created, by the Master Forgers.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Slow In The Sunshine {November's Counterfeit Kit Reveal & Blog Hop}

Hello! Welcome to November's Inspiration Kit Reveal for the Counterfeit Kit Challenge! If you've been following the reveal blog hop (which starts on the main blog) you will have arrived from Susanne's blog, Snaps and Snippets and will have seen lots of inspiration along the way. If not, read on and I'll make sure you find your way.

This month's inspiration 'kit' is actually a collection - the Cedar Lane Collection from Pink Paislee. The collection is full of beautiful autumnal elements - like acorns, leaves and wreaths - but it also includes some colours and patterns that could easily be used to scrap memories of summer (or that would work well with winter scrapping!)


To make my own kit - Slow In The Sunshine* - I started by browsing the Cedar Lane Collection Reveal and then went looking for close matches in my own stash. I was really pleased to find a match for most of the colour and patterns that I liked in the collection.

I don't usually include a lot of embellishments with my kits and whilst that normally works for me when I'm making layouts (which I tend to keep minimal) it really doesn't work for me when I'm making mini albums because I like them to be full of little extras! As I have a lot of photographs from spring and summer to scrap soon (well ... I need to edit them first) I know I'll be making a few mini albums this month and I've included a lot of extra embellishments to make sure that I have enough to add some 'chunk'.

There's my usual selection of eclectic 'bits and bobs' which includes some wooden veneers, bulldog clips, resin flowers, cute buttons and charms. Then there's two alpha sets - one leftover from Echo Park's Everyday Eclectic Collection and some of my favourite Sassafras in Turquoise. I've also added in some super sweet rub-ons from Dear Lizzy which include images of trees, bicycles, birds and fences - which I thought were perfect for the end of a suburban summer!

The Cedar Lane Collection includes a massive selection of amazing extras - like die-cuts, stickers, labels and little embellishments, so I wanted to add some similar items to my own kit. I raided my stash of die-cuts, stickers, small and medium pocket pages and fabrics! (I love including some fabric!) 

I was also thrilled to find this little squirrel which is from a really old collection by We Are Memory Keepers. He's one of just a few nods to the whimsical side of the inspiration collection that I managed to find in my stash.

Now, as if this wasn't enough (for me at least) each of the Master Forgers chose one item from a current collection as their 'Add On' embellishment and combined these items will make up an 'Add On' Inspiration Kit which we'll be revealing, in full, on the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog tomorrow.  But, in case you simply can't wait until tomorrow, we're each showing off (or linking to) to our choice of add on embellishment today, which means you can head off on a treasure hunt of sorts! 
Tassels: Maggie Holmes 'Shine' Collection, Crate Paper

Your next stop (and mine) will be Just JimJams where we can find out how Jemma has interpreted this month's inspiration. It's always interesting to see how she copes with so much pink!

* The name of my kit comes directly from the lyrics of First Aid Kit's 'Cedar Lane'. It has been stuck in my head ever since we found out what our inspiration kit would be for November!